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Completely Distributed P25 VoIP
Dispatch Console Technology

One of our strengths is found within the experience of the Mindshare Team, taking advantage of many years of critical expertise in the Communications Industry. This experience allows us to recognize the fact that Technology, though vital, is not truly beneficial without the ability to utilize it in the most efficient manner, especially in Mission-Critical circumstances.

 We used our knowledge drawn from 30+ years of Experience in the Console industry, took the best features from various sources……..knew we could make them better and created the Mindshare Suite of VoIP Dispatch Console Systems.

Utilizing the Totally VoIP structure of the Mindshare design, we have the ability to provide the functionality presently in current legacy hardware as well as offer the flexibility to accommodate the needs of any modifications that may be incurred in the future.

By uniquely packaging the expertise that comes with the many years of hands-on experience in design, development, installation, and needs of Emergency Communications Center Operations with the highest quality State-of-the-Art Technology, our team has unparalleled capabilities to provide the System you require and deserve in your Mission Critical Operation.

The VoIP Dispatch Technology Evolution

The Mindshare VoIP Dispatch Console System is a true Second-Generation VoIP Radio Dispatch Platform, designed to overcome the limitations of both legacy analog and first generation VoIP systems, provides new system capabilities, features, and a wide variety of radio system interfaces…..

  • Technology
    • Completely distributed VoIP design
    • No “Central Electronics” required
  • Economics
    • Costs less to deploy and maintain
    • Leverages existing investment in LAN/WAN
  • Space Efficiency
    • Much smaller footprint than legacy console hardware.
  • Wide Area Architecture
    • Use LAN/WAN or the Internet to connect resources
    • Systems of virtually any size can be created
    • Radio resources are accessible to console positions located anywhere in the system, without geographic limitation
  • NO proprietary console system wiring… positions are connected via Ethernet, and can use standard (even existing) LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • NO use of a PC sound card… the AudioMAX is a specially designed console interface that includes the position audio system and eliminates the requirement of a separate PC at each position.
  • Both Windows and Linux console PC applications are available… in addition to the AudioMAX PLUS dispatch appliance with integrated processor.
  • NO limitations on the number of console positions, radio channels, phone lines or distance between system elements.
  • “Mix and Match” Console Positions: Linux, Windows or the AudioMAX PLUS… all function identically and use the same configuration file
  • SIP based VoIP telephone functionality
    • Consoles are SIP clients for easy interface to IP PBXs and more
    • Radio interfaces have SIP capability as well
  • Easy logging recorder interface to IP recorders
    • Direct IP streaming of position audio to VoIP capable recorders
    • Legacy analog recorder outputs on MRI and AudioMAX
    • Open interface specification… multiple IP recorder vendors
    • Analog recorder outputs are also provided for legacy recorder systems
  • VoIP control of auxiliary I/O functions (doors, input status, etc.)
  • Full standards-compliant P25 Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI), Inter Sub- System Interfaces (ISSI) and Digital Fixed Station Interfaces (DFSI) directly into the Mindshare Console Software and Graphic User Interface. Support for P25 Security for End-to-End Encryption is available with AES, DES and FIPS 140-2 compliant options.
  • Powered by a Linux Operating System utilizing the exclusive MaxPlus Audio Processor, eliminating the need for separate position PC's, Mindshare provides the ultimately stable Mission Critical Console Solution

Applications Capabilities

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) is a major feature of the mindshare System. With its fully customizable features, it provides the capability to design and implement screen designs and layouts with total flexibility to accommodate virtually any configuration or number ofconfigurations required, including those to closely resemble those of legacy systems, in both appearance and layout setup. This feature greatly reduces Dispatcher training time and familiarization requirements with the new System. Since every module is comprised of individual components and is “custom built” to reflect the individual needs of the user,every need can be accommodated easily utilizing the Console Builder Application. This is described in detail in the Administrator Training.

Mindshare’s SIP Interface Application provides Full Telephony Features/ Integration including:

  • SIP based PBX Compatibility
  • Unlimited number of extensions per position
  • Voicemail Support/ Status Display
  • Caller ID
  • Per Line Volume Control
  • Additional feature sets:
  • Hook flash, Hold,
  • Mic Mute, Caller Mute,
  • Call Transfer & Forwarding,
  • Conferencing

As described above, the Console Builder allows for a full choice of font, size and color combinations for every module and/or component of the GUI Display.

Disaster Recovery

Based on the modular design of the Mindshare System and the lack of a Central Processor Unit and/or Central Server, any “single point failure” danger has been minimized. The loss of any individual component, including Operator Position will have little effect on the overall System itself.

With each Console having the ability to back up the other, the main dependency lies with the Network itself and redundant network paths can be designed to help protect against this utilizing off the shelf network components.

Similar redundant backup and failsafe features are embedded throughout all critical components of the System including redundant power supplies w/ battery backup, critical channel hot-standby capability etc.
A detailed Disaster Recovery Plan System Design, based upon the final System will be designed and offered to the Customer for discussion in coordination with their Network personnel upon Award.

Other Technology/Features

The Mindshare Console Suite provides a full list of additional features and capabilities. A partial list includes:

  • Multi-Channel Audio – Up to 8 Individually Controlled Speakers are available per Console Position
  • Multi-Function Instant Recall – Beyond the traditional limitations of simply recording the audio of the most recent incoming select/unselect audio, with the Mindshare IRR feature, each receive (RX) call is added to the log. If user ANI information is available, it is included along with the time stamp of the beginning of the call. The call is also recorded and stored as a local temporary file for instant recall recording compatibility selectively by time, channel, Unit ID. This feature is available by Channel and Globally and is a Standard feature.
  • Cross-Patch/ Simulcast - Virtually unlimited number of Patching and/or Simulcast sessions are available per position
  • MDC1200 & Fleetsync ANI Decoding
  • Voter Compatible Data Stream - VoIP based Comparator deployment on IP backbone
  • SIP Telephony Stack - Full Telephony Features & Integration/ SIP based PBX Compatibility
  • IDen PTT Support/ Passport Interface
  • T1 Direct Interface - Fully Digital Interface to T1 Tone Control Interfaces