Mindshare Radio Interface


Mindshare’s VoIP Radio Interface Cards provide control station access to multiple common radio systems through utilization of the options below. This interconnectivity and advanced control is made possible with Mindshare’s versatile audio and serial interface features. These capabilities are available in both single unit or rack mount models.
Detailed specifications on the 100101LT/ 100116LT VoIP radio interface cards are available on the individual data sheets.


  • VoIP Radio Interface.
  • Form C Isolated PTT closures for PTT, Monitor and Spare.
  • Flexible Direct Radio Interface.
  • Kenwood Serial Protocol Support for Conventional, NXDN, P25, and Passport.
  • 2-wire and 4-wire Tone Control, 600 Ohm Balanced Interface.
  • ICom Serial Protocol Support for Conventional and IDAS.
  • 100% Digital Gain Control via Web Interface.
  • RS422 Interface for EF Johnson 5300.
  • MDC1200 and Fleetsync ANI/Emergency Decoding.
  • AIPhone Intercom Interface.
  • Separate CTCSS Tone Generation with Separate or Summed Output.
  • Motorola MotoTRBO Serial Interface.
  • Monitor Modes: Latched, Timed, Not PTT.
  • SNV12 Serial Interface for Full Remote Voter Control.


  • With its own advanced digital signal processing capabilities, the Mindshare Radio Interface supports both MDC1200 and Fleetsync Encode and Decode operations. This feature is independent of whether the connected radio supports these protocols or not.
  • ANI and Emergency Decode.
  • MDC1200 Emergency Acknowledge Encode.
  • Console ANI allows setting a unique ANI for each console that is transmitted when the console keys the radio.
  • See the Mindshare Radio Interface data sheet for more information.

  • Supports TK-5710/5810/5910, TK-5730/5830/5930, TK-7180/8180, NX-700/800/900, NX-5700/5800/5900.
  • Connection is supported with a simple cable, no other hardware interface to purchase.
  • TK-5710/5810/5910 support Fleetsync commands including: Channel Change, Scan, ANI, SelCall, Stun, Revive, StatusMsg, Emergency Decode and Termination as well as P25 ANI, Emergency Decode, Individual Call, and Group Call.
  • TK-7180/8180 support conventional modes and using Fleetsync additional commands including: Channel Change, ANI,Scan, Emergency Decode. These are supported across several trunking systems including Passport and LTR.
  • NX-700/800/900 support the same conventional Fleetsync commands as the 5710 series, as well as the following NXDN features: ANI, SelCall, Stun, Revive, Status Message, Emergency Decode and Termination.
  • Request Application Note MS1001_AN for application information.

  • Supports the Raytheon/JPS SNV-12 Voter for RX/TX audio and control functions through the Serial Interface.
  • Supports remote voter control features including: Site Voted and Failed Status, Site UnSquelched Status, Site Transmit.
  • Also provided are Selected Status, Site Signal Quality Status, Site Force Vote Control, Site Force Fail Control, Site Transmit Steering, and Repeat Mode Control.
  • Integrated to Mindshare Console GUI for real time voting system information.
  • Request Application Note MS1006_AN for application information.

  • Supports the ICom IC-F5061/6061 radios through the back side serial port with a simple cable connection to the Mindshare Radio Interface card.
  • ANI and Emergency Decode are supported.
  • Channel change from the console is supported.
  • Request application note MS1007_AN for application information.

  • Supports the model 5300 and Viking series radios.
  • Additional Hardware interface required, order part number 750M-191-000. EF Johnson accessory cable required.
  • Supports all modes of the radio including P25, Analog Trunking, Smartnet, and Conventional.
  • Supports Channel Change, ANI, Scan, and Emergency Decode.
  • Request Application Note MS1005_AN for application information.

  • Supports the Motorola XPR 4000 series radios.
  • Zone and Channel Change.
  • ANI and Emergency Decode.
  • Private Call, Stun, Revive, and Call Alerts to Individual Units.
  • Simple cabling from the Mindshare Radio Card to the radio. Includes both Mindshare and Motorola interface cables.
  • Utilizes the same console buttons as other radios providing similar feature sets on the console screen.
  • Request Application Note MS1004_AN for application information.