Why Choose Fusus


Fūsus is the first company to  extract and unify live video and  data feeds from virtually any  source, creating a central hub  that enhances the situational  awareness and investigative  capabilities of law enforcement  and public safety agencies.

  • Real-Time Crime Center In The Cloud: Whether it’s a drone, a traffic camera, a private cell phone video, a building security camera, or a bomb disposal robot, fūsus can extract the live video feed and send it to your emergency operations center and officers in the field. Our public safety ecosystem combines public & private camera feeds, including internal building cameras into a single real-time feed, enabling Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies to function with improved operational intelligence.
  • Personnel & Advanced Data Management: We combine video with CAD feeds,real-time officer geolocator feeds, IoT sensor data, floorplans, and external data feeds, to create a common operating picture that emphasizes officer,citizen & community safety. We give tactical teams and emergency response personnel the edge they need to operate more effectively.
  • Investigations & Evidence Management: We create a public safety ecosystem that includes a registry map of all the public and private cameras in your region and a multi-media tips line for the public. We feed collected evidence into a cloud-based digital evidence vault for investigators, enabling them to operate more efficiently.


Fūsus creates a central hub that enhances the situational awareness and investigative capabilities of law enforcement and public  safety agencies. We streamline investigations & incident management by fusing CAD, video and data assets into a unifiedReal-Time Crime Center in the Cloud platform.

  • Real-Time Incident Management
  • Investigations

Fuses Products

A map-based interface for  real-time access to your  CAD feed, video camera  locations and live feeds,  Shot Spotter triggered video  activations, officer  geo locations, floor plans,  automatic license plate  readers, and other data in a  single unified interface.

The fūsus CORE device  brings live video feeds from  any fixed or mobile camera  system into fūsus ONE, and  requires no additional  hardware. Live video feeds  can be continuous, or on-  alert only.

A tracking and  communications app for  field-based personnel. Live  geo locations can be  accessed via fūsus ONE, and  users can send panic alerts,  share video and pictures,  and receive  communications from the  command center.

A map of all the public&  private security cameras in  your region accessible via  fūsusONE. fūsus creates a  custom branded camera  registry portal & marketing  package for each  community.

Members of the public can  share tips, including  recorded video & pictures  via an easy to use text-in  number. Tips are  automatically logged into  fūsus VAULT and can be  correlated with other  collected evidence.

fūsus VAULT streamlines  investigations with a cloud-  based digital evidence vault  for the secure collection of  recorded incident video  and data, including public  tips.