Version 10

Tour of Revcord Version 10

Revcord’s Version 10 Voice and Multimedia Recorder System is a sharp departure from previous software versions. Now it includes NG9‐1‐1 capabilities that will be turned on upon release of the required NENA documents. Version 10 is NG9‐1‐1 ready – video, text and more.

Pictured above is the main search screen. In addition to voice, video, text and other media can be recorded, searched and replayed. In the scrolling pane on the left under “LIBRARY” is a tree structure from where you can choose input types to view. This sample shows the Video and SMS Text inputs and a video file is playing. The media file can be exported as desired.

Saving and exporting files by email or other means is simple. Redaction of sensitive or confidential information is made very easy.

In addition to the ability to mute, insert white noise or delete sections of a copy of the call, high pass, low pass, notch and band pass filtering can be done on a section of the call or the entire call to eliminate background noise or to isolate a sound of interest.

Clicking on the red dot next to the play controls allows you to add spoken annotation to a copy of a call either within the same file (overdubbing) or on a completely separate channel.

Revcord’s Version 10 takes scenario/incident recreation to a new level. And, it’s included at no additional cost. For this we use Play Lists. Each Play List created represents an entire incident including all voice, video, text and other associated media including documents and other media from third party sources.

Any scenario can be displayed and replayed in a time line view as it really happened as well as in a sequential list view. The scenarios can be exported as zip files so they can be viewed without a separate player.

Quality Assurance Evaluation of calls is also included at. The user can easily create score sheets with multiple choice, yes/no or text comments and scores.

Calls to be evaluated can be selected manually or at random. In the search screen any call(s) can be designated for later QA Evaluation with a single click.

Reports can be essential for analysis of call patterns, workforce scheduling and research. Record can save you time and work by producing professional and engaging reports as Excel spreadsheets, bar charts or pie charts.