Invidia SR


Minimum System Requirements

 Operating System:
Windows 7, 32-bit

Keyboard, mouse, speakers

Intel I3 or higher (Intel I7 Preferred)

System RAM:
4 GB

Minimum Hard Disk: 

 Video Resolution:

 USB Drives:
6 Minimum for two rooms

4 Minimum for one room

 InVidia SR Features

  • One or two room recording
  • Recordings in Windows Media Format (WMV)
  • Analog, USB and IP camera compatible – provided with system or use existing
  • Recordings started at recording computer or via button with LED at Interview Room
  • Remote viewing of live interviews
  • Summary notes for easy categorization and searching
  • Secure recordings and customer controlled access by administrator, group or user
  • Easy duplication on a variety of media (CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive, etc.)
  • Automatic and manual backup capabilities
  • Attach outside files and add summary notes for categorization and searching
    Any format or source including:
    • cruiser camera • hand held audio recorder • security camera • videos • phone • tablet
    • photos • signed confessions • handwritten notes • recorded phone calls • transcripts, etc.
  • Adjustable video display area (regular or full screen)
  • Multiple Recording Playback
  • Add detailed, time stamped notes hot-linked directly to recordings
  • Take snapshots of still images from recordings for easy distribution
  • Picture-in-picture recording and playback
  • Install on your own PCs
  • Fully installed turnkey solution or easy self installation kit available