Inquire Plugin

Revcord has written the API plugin to Inquire. Now your Revcord systems can also act as your management system for all your Interviewing, Investigating, and Inspecting. Inquire creates interviews, investigations, and incidents using a PC, Android, or IOS Application. Stream them live, record with book marks and notes, and automatically upload to the Revcord Server. Manage all of your interviews, investigations, and incidents in one location. Watch them live or later search on date, time, case ID, interviewer/investigator, interviewee, book marks, book mark notes, GPS location, and device ID. In addition, perform QA evaluations and run reports on any of the Search indices.

Verticals include:

  •  Insurance Companies - Document Insurance Claims with Centralized Storage
  • Police Departments - Can be Used for Local and Remote Interviews of Investigations by Police Officers In-Car and Detectives as well as Incident Recording for Documenting Officer’s Actions
  • Child Protective Services
  • Marine Industry - Safety and Compliance Documentation
  •  Oil Field Industry - Safety and Compliance Documentation
  • Fire Departments - Used by Fire Arsonist Investigators
  • CSI Investigators - Used by Crime Scene Investigators
  • Inspectors – Any Inspection Type Companies
  • Law Firms - Backup to Depositions