Ems Triage

The Next Generation in Triage Support




Incomplete Picture Of Incoming Patient For ER Doctors

Provides Link For Physician To View En-Route Patient

Drastically Improve Patient Outcomes

Long ER Wait Times

HIPAA Compliant Live & Recorded Video With QA & Recording Analysis

Significantly Reduce ER Wait Times

Critical Patients Often Can’t Afford To Wait

Complete On-Scene Management With The Ultimate Remote Triage Tool

ER Triage Before Patient Ever Gets To Facility

Decreased Patient Outcomes

Invite Multiple Parties To Collaborate With Medical Events

Provides Physicians An Early Re-Route Option For Alternative Destinations


  • Video Conferencing With Doctor/Multiple Parties
  • Recorded Events For Post Event Analysis, QA & Reports
  •  Text Chat, Notes, Bookmarks, Geo-Tagging
  • Share Events With Other Needed Specialists
  • Privileged And Confidential Documents
  • HTML5 And IE11 Compliant


Inquire creates events through the cloud using an Android or IOS Application. It can also be used as a transcription device. Stream them live, record with bookmarks and notes, create audio and chat conferences, and automatically upload to the Inquire Server. Manage all of the events in one location for better QA, Training, and Reporting. Watch them live or later search on date, time, patient ID, bookmarks, bookmark notes, GPS location, and device ID. In addition, perform QA evaluations and run reports.

Ambulance crews often work in very remote environments where access to a physician is very delayed. Certain call types i.e. Stroke, Stemi and Trauma have a window in order to provide care to that patient. With these and any other types of EMS Calls time is of the essence and improved patient outcomes can be dependent on how soon that patient is assessed by a physician.

In Stroke the standard of “Door to Needle Time” has to do with a patient receiving the proper medication with a certain time from onset of symptoms. Currently when a patient get to the ER, they have to wait to be assessed by the Stroke physician to determine if they are a candidate for this medication prior to them going for a CT Scan. With Inquire MD, that physicians assessment can done while that patient is enroute to the hospital thus cutting that very important time down. This type of assessment can be done for any other types of call to better “Triage” those patients to reduce the time that it takes to get the critical patients into the ER.

Inquire MD introduces a simple and effective way for Prehospital Providers to interact with ER and other types of Dr’s to ensure the best patient outcomes possible.

Ambulance services are very concerned about patient outcomes and Medicare Reimbursement is becoming performance based. Being able to get patients into the ER faster helps these ambulances get back in service faster thus reducing the time that units sit unproductive in Hospital lobby


  • Physician Has Direct Contact With The Patient
  • Ability To Transmit Vital Signs To The Dr
  • Simple Operation
  • Accurate Documentation- No More Note Taking
  • Totally Secure In The Cloud
  • GPS Location
  • Allows For Live Collaboration With Dr’s Specialists
  • Attaches Files/Graphics To The Record
  • Customize Bookmarks & Reports
  • Quick Retrieval, Review And Reformatting
  • More Cost Effective Than Sending An Ambulance To Pick Up Patient
  • Reduce ER Wait Times & Improve Patients Being Routed To Correct Hospitals
  • Improve Patient Outcomes From Calls i.e Stoke and Trauma