Call Recording

Public Safety

Our competition does not have a help desk that is manned 24×7 so customers have to wait for a call back that could be in many cases the next day. For our emergency contact or 911 centers being available 24 hours is key to saving lives and delivering the message promptly to law enforcement. We have everything you need to make every call recording successful. We are required by law to provide 911 services to all of our clients. The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) took steps to ensure that 911 services and other critical communications remains operational when disasters strike. We not only want you to have the best recording services for your business but also a way of contacting emergency officials should you need it.

Integration with all P25 Radio solutions including Motorola Astro, Harris VIDA, EFJohnson, Atlas, Zetron Max and ACOM, Avtec Scout, TELEX IP Dispatch, MotoTRBO, Tait, ICOM and Kenwood NexEdge. US-PS is also a leading provider in integration with AirBus (Cassidian), Intrado and many other VOIP Phone systems.

Call Centers

Call center businesses provide customer service to millions of people each day and are the core of great customer service which in turn brings in business. To allow customer service reps and sales reps to provide the quality service their company promises US-PS systems deliver and sustain flexibility, quality and power.

US-PS specializes in capturing and retrieval of communications for Banks, Credit Unions, Brokers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, and Telemarketing Agencies.



Integration allow customers to find calls quickly because integration provides more caller information ie… Caller name, phone number, outgoing phone number radio ID, Talk Group. Integration are typically options that do have additional cost but usually are not very costly. We work with our clients to provide customized services for their business needs. Every call matters, every call gets recorded to help you keep your business running and customers satisfied.

24/7 Support

Is your recording system not functioning well? We live in a technology driven world that helps us to stay in business. Unfortunately all electronic devices need a fine tuning every once in a while. If you are experiencing issues with your recording system where it’s not functioning properly or it has completely stopped working, please let us know. We are available 24×7 for our clients and our professionally trained staff will be there to address your business needs. No matter the time of day or night, we strive to provide the best quality recording systems to each and every client.